Sports Nutrition

A sound, comprehensive nutrition plan helps you to compete at optimal performance. It allows you to be stronger and faster. It supports health and prevents illness. If you’re an athlete, your body is your vehicle. It needs maintenance – and it needs FUEL. Are you filling your tank or running on empty?

Learning the why, what, WHEN, and how of sports nutrition as it pertains to your sport, your body, and your goals. Andrea will create a customize plan unique to you, your sport, and your goals.

What to Expect from Your Session

Initial Consultation

1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Discussion of goals
  • Initial body composition analysis
  • Education provided regarding Fiber Test
  • Starting Grocery List provided based off of diet preferences
  • Emailed the following after our appointment:
    • Personalized individual calorie, protein, carb, fat, fiber & hydration goals
    • My Fitness Pal account set up and goals to reflect personalized nutrition goals
    • Personalized meal plan and recipes to help you meet your nutrition goals

Follow Up Consultations

  • 30 , 45, or 60 minutes; depending on client /patient needs
  • Review of food journals
  • Body composition analysis
  • Review of goals
  • Follow up education based off of client’s needs and goals