Grocery Store Tours

Grocery Shopping Tours

Does the grocery store overwhelm you?  You are not alone.  Our stores today are loaded with choices — many that market themselves as “healthy” but are they really?  If you have found yourself standing in an aisle confused by the nutrition facts you are reading a grocery store tour can equip you with what you need to know to save you time, money, and most impor­tantly improve your health.

All grocery store tours are one and half hours long.  We will explore the each major section of the grocery store, reading labels, and inves­ti­gating as we go.  If you have specific sections you want to focus on we can!  You have the option of group grocery store tours or one-on-one tours.  Whichever one you choose this hands on experience will leave you with a better game plan for all your subsequent grocery shopping.


Grocery Store Tours

Tours are 1 ½ hours
Individually:  $100.00
Small group of 2 people: $60.00 per person
Group of no more than 4 people: $50.00 per person
Payment is needed in advance

To schedule your tour please contact Andrea at,