90 Day New You Challenge

Being health and fitness professionals we are often told by our clients that they wish they could live with us — eat like us — exercise like us….  Friends that stay the weekend with us report losing 5 pounds over the weekend.  While we would love for you to be our house guest we have a better idea, why don’t we show you how to make healthy eating and physical activity a part of your lifestyle using your own taste preferences, cook methods, time constraints, family demands, exercise ability, etc.

Meeting Days & Times 

Tuesday / Thursday

10:30 AM or 6:30 PM

Saturdays 9 AM

What Does the Program Consist Of?

  • Training Style: low impact circuit training, light – moderate cardio, and resistance training
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Circumference measurements taken at Week 1, 6, and 12
  • Weekly 30 minute nutrition classes which will be the first 30 minutes of each Tuesday (topics listed below)
  • Heart rate monitors that track calories burned are encouraged
  • Option of the 2 day per week or 3 day per week program
o   2 day per week program consists of 2 days of circuit training and prescribed outside cardio
o   3 day per week program consists of 2 days circuit training and 1 day of cardio
o   Cardio on other days is always encouraged


Week 1: Jan. 30th – initial measurements —- Food Labels, Fiber Test, and Balanced Plates
Week 2: February 6th —- Pre & Post Workout Fueling and Heart Rate Monitors
*off February 13th due to Dunstan and Andrea travel
Week 3: February 20th —- Grocery Shopping Tips Meal and Snack Planning
Week 4: February 27th —– The Truth About Sugar
Week 5: March 6th —– Meal and Snack Planning
Week 6: March 13th – midpoint measurements —- The Role of Sodium and How To Use Potassium
Week 7: March 20th —– Dining Out with Balance
Week 8: March 27th —- Recipe Modification
Week 9: April 3rd —- Adding Variety
Week 10: April 10th —– Emotional / Stress Eating
Week 11: April 17th —— 10 Rules Fit People Live By
Week 12: April 24th – ending measurements —- Program Summary / THE Rules Going Forward


2 day / week program: $480
3 day / week program: $525
* at least half is due up front and the second half is due at week 6

To sign up contact Andrea, Andrea.KendrickRD@gmail.com